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Chris Wheless a Virginia based personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. He is also a Team Beachbody coach, a trainer at the University of Richmond and the owner of Capital Health & Performance. He offers personal training programs in one on one or small group settings and online training. Many of his clients use the P90X home workout system and for them he acts as their online team coach. If you currently use P90X, Insanity, Turbofire or similar workout systems and would like Chris to be your free online coach then Join his Team. It does not matter what your level of fitness is, Chris will help you come up with the right workout and nutrition plan to meet and exceed your goals. The best personal training comes when the trainer is there with you the entire time, pushing your limits while still being easygoing. That is exactly what Chris does! He will help you to recharge your life, find a routine and get on a nutritional plan that will help turn you into a more fit and healthier person.


Our clients have great success! It’s not uncommon to see a 50 pound weight loss in just six months! Or, if muscle mass is your goal, you may be able to gain 20 pounds of lean mass in the same amount of time! Maybe your coach says your need more speed, power and agility, we will show you how to do that too! If you have been sedentary your whole life and would now like to eat clean, healthy foods and become an active person, we can make that happen. We’ve helped many sedentary people transform themselves into active, healthy individuals. Whatever your goals are, one of our training packages is right for you.

The Fast Track: for those that need results quickly. We begin with a comprehensive fitness analysis. You will then become your Chris’s personal project for two months. He will be with you every step of the way to ensure your progress. You may be required to do two brief workouts in one day, for a period of time, as this is highly effective for stimulating fat oxidation. Most of the training will be done at a 24 hour fitness facility in the West End. In addition, Chris will work closely with you on how to make healthy choices at the grocery store and instruct you on how to make good choices when eating out or on the road. You will be in constant contact with your him via text, email or phone, before or after each meal or during moments of discouragement just to ensure you are eating the right foods and staying focused! Chris will be in contact with you almost on a daily basis in order to keep you progressing. Experience the kind of training that top celebrities get but for a lot less money.

The Six Pack: for those who do not need results as quickly but prefer slow and steady progress. On this program you will train twice per week.


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1) Intro package = $99 (3 sessions)

2) The Six Pack = $375 (6 sessions)

3) The Fast Track = $1675.00 (Unlimited Training in 60 days)

4) 36 Sessions = $1800 (broken up into six monthly payments of $300)

5) 36 Express Sessions (30min) = $1260 (six monthly payments of $210)

6) Custom packages available upon request

Express Group Training

Join us each Thursday at 4:30pm at Anytime Fitness (11224 Patterson Avenue, Henrico) for our 30min Booty Blast Class! Give us a call if you would like to come try a class for free and talk to Chris. 804-873-7702

Personal Training